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Admin roles in Google Workspace

So what’s a Google Workspace Super Admin? A question that we get asked so often. It’s also a very important question to start with when exploring your Google Workspace audit and security operations.

To start, think of your Google Workspace as a virtual business management space. There you have different tools and levels of access, each requiring special administrative efforts and roles. 

Naturally, you’ll need an administrative team to look after those admin tasks, right?

Well, it’s exactly the same thing with Google Workspace admin tasks. They can be quite overwhelming and usually require the input of more than one person to stay on top of everything in your Google Workspace domain. 

That’s why such authority is usually assigned to an admin team typically composed of the Google Workspace Super Admin(s) and other Google Workspace Admin roles.

What are Google Workspace Admins?

Google Workspace Admins are privileged users who have access to the Google Workspace Admin console and Admin API: the tools used to perform administrative operations.

That level of access and authority depends on the type of each Admin role.

Before you dig further into your Google Workspace admin operations, it’s important to first understand the difference between a Google Workspace Super Admin and other Google Workspace Admin roles.

What can Google Workspace Super Admin do?

As the word Super implies, the Google Workspace Super Admin is the topmost powerful administrative role in your entire Google Workspace domain. You can think of it as the ‘leader role’ of your entire admin team.

Super Admins have access to every setting in the Google Workspace Admin Console. They can practically manage every aspect of your organization’s domain.  

Super Admins also have EXCLUSIVE authority over the following:

  • Creating or assigning administrator roles
  • Resetting administrator passwords
  • Setting up billing
  • Performing license management
  • Restoring deleted users
  • Modifying an administrator’s settings
  • Enabling or disabling contact sharing

As you can see, the Super Admin role is a crucial one. Not only do Super Admins hire other admins (creating and assigning admin roles), they also perform and control Super sensitive tasks that play a major role in protecting your Google Workspace from data security threats.

How many Google Workspace Super Admins do you need?

Every Google Workspace domain needs a minimum of one Super Admin, but we recommend two. That way if one is busy (or on vacation), the other can take on higher authority tasks. 

P.S: Having more than two Super Admins, however, is not the best practice because of the authority level that comes with this role.

The Google Workspace Super Amin role is usually assigned to someone in the higher management line of an organization or an IT head. That’s again because of the authority level this role entails. 

Super Admin

Other Google Workspace Admin Roles:

So now we have the team leader (the Super Admin) and other Google Workspace admin roles of lesser authority assigned by the Super Admin.

Google has already created different pre-built admin roles based on its insight of common business tasks. However, you can always create custom Admin roles tailored to your own needs. 

We believe the two most vital admin roles following the Super Admin are the Groups Admin and User Management Admin. Here’s why:

1.Groups Admin:

Google Groups improve communication and collaboration in your organization. They’re used to create mailing lists, web forums, collaborative inboxes, and to control access to documents and Google services.

Group admins have authority over Google Groups in the Google Workspace Admin Console. They can add or delete Google Groups in the Admin console, manage members and access settings within groups.

It’s very important for Group Admins to include the right people in each group, and apply the right settings so groups are secure and any sensitive data shared there is well-protected.

2. User Management Admin: 

As the name suggests, user management admins control all actions for non-admin users. 

This includes resetting passwords, monitoring service health, managing user accounts, service requests and onboarding and offboarding employees.

  • Gat Flow takes the pain out of repetitive user onboarding and offboarding tasks in Google Workspace. It covers everything; from welcome emails and email signatures, to pre-loading files, pre-populating contacts and much more using built workflows. 

User management admins can’t delete a global admin, create other admin roles, or reset passwords for billing, global, and service admins. Only Google Workspace Super Admins can do that. 

User management admin roles are usually assigned to members of the HR team.

Other Pre-set Google Workspace Admin Roles Created by Google:

  1. Help Desk Admin
  2. Services Admin
  3. Mobile Admin
  4. Google Voice Admin
  5. Reseller Admin (applies only to Google Workspace Authorized Resellers)
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Comparisons between different versions of G Suite

Detailed comparison

G Suite Special EditionOld G Suite versionG Suite for NonprofitsG Suite Education Edition
License5010/500/1000/2000 etc.UnlimitedUnlimited
Core services3131314
Other Google services49535354
GmailNot supportedSupportSupportSupport
Google Drive15G15G30GUnlimited
Google Team DriveNot supportedNot supportedSupportSupport
Add/replace the main domain SupportNot supportedSupportSupport
Add/replace auxiliary domainsSupportSupportSupportSupport
SourceFree applicationFree application before 2012/12/7Apply with technology soup materialsApply with school information
StabilityUnstableUnstableStable / UnstableStable / Unstable
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Google Workspace Features

What features does Google Workspace have?

Below are the most representative features of Google Workspace:

Gmail business mailboxGmail business mailbox

Corporate mailbox free from advertisements and spam. At the same time, all mailbox accounts can be centrally managed.

Drive Cloud DriveGoogle Drive

Access all shared files. Both computers and mobile devices can be accessed, and important content can be found without searching.

Meet video and audio conferenceMeet

High-security commercial video conferencing tool. No need to install software on the computer, mobile devices can also be used.

Calender calendarCalendar

Team integrated online calendar

Chat team newsletterChat

Secure internal communication platform

Docs fileFile

A clerical tool for team members to collaborate

Sheets spreadsheetSpreadsheet

Spreadsheet that allows multiple people to collaborate at the same time

Forms formForm

Easily create questionnaires

Slides BriefingNewsletter

Joint efforts to produce beautiful presentations

Sites collaboration platformcollaboration platform

Easily build a useful website

Keep shared notesKeep

Inspiration and checklists can be taken at any time

Apps ScriptApps Script

Establish an automated process and integration plan

Admin Management ConsoleManagement console

Intuitive management of intra-domain settings

Endpoint Endpoint ManagementEndpoint Management

One-stop management of employees’ own devices


Community communication platform within the company

Cloud Search Smart SearchCloud Search

Get the information you need at any time

Vault safe deposit boxSafe deposit box

Data retention and electronic evidence search

Work Insights work status analysisWork Insights

Easily track the execution status of various functions