What features does Google Workspace have?

Below are the most representative features of Google Workspace:

Gmail business mailboxGmail business mailbox

Corporate mailbox free from advertisements and spam. At the same time, all mailbox accounts can be centrally managed.

Drive Cloud DriveGoogle Drive

Access all shared files. Both computers and mobile devices can be accessed, and important content can be found without searching.

Meet video and audio conferenceMeet

High-security commercial video conferencing tool. No need to install software on the computer, mobile devices can also be used.

Calender calendarCalendar

Team integrated online calendar

Chat team newsletterChat

Secure internal communication platform

Docs fileFile

A clerical tool for team members to collaborate

Sheets spreadsheetSpreadsheet

Spreadsheet that allows multiple people to collaborate at the same time

Forms formForm

Easily create questionnaires

Slides BriefingNewsletter

Joint efforts to produce beautiful presentations

Sites collaboration platformcollaboration platform

Easily build a useful website

Keep shared notesKeep

Inspiration and checklists can be taken at any time

Apps ScriptApps Script

Establish an automated process and integration plan

Admin Management ConsoleManagement console

Intuitive management of intra-domain settings

Endpoint Endpoint ManagementEndpoint Management

One-stop management of employees’ own devices


Community communication platform within the company

Cloud Search Smart SearchCloud Search

Get the information you need at any time

Vault safe deposit boxSafe deposit box

Data retention and electronic evidence search

Work Insights work status analysisWork Insights

Easily track the execution status of various functions